Pollution Control Financing Authority of Warren County
Pollution Control Financing Authority of Warren County PO Box 587
500 Mt. Pisgah Avenue
Oxford, New Jersey 07863
Office Phone: 908-453-2174
Office Fax: 908-453-4241

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Warren County District Landfill

The first step in bringing solid waste to the landfill is to have your vehicle weighed at the scale house.

The PCFAWC is working to become a leading environmental authority in the state of New Jersey. As the Authority that manages the Warren County District Landfill, the PCFAWC has actively sought out and implemented new technologies and innovations that provide residents with high quality and cost effective waste management service.

Working as a team with the Resource Recovery Facility, the PCFAWC has found numerous ways to reduce the amount of non-recyclable solid waste that is put into the landfill.

The Resource Recovery Facility, or RRF, processes solid waste, via combustion, into energy. The energy is then sold to General Public Utilities. The by-product of incineration is ash, which is disposed of in the landfill. In addition, ferrous metals (scrap iron) recovered from combustion ash is stockpiled at the landfill, before being sold by the ton to industries that use recycled iron in their products.

In November of 2006 the Landfill Gas To Energy Plant became operational. The plant consists of two internal combustion engines that burn the landfill gas and generate electricity. The energy generated from this facility is used to power some of the landfill buildings and the balance is sold to public energy utilities.

Rates: As of January 1, 2009

Minimum Disposal fee: $10.00
Bagged Trash: $2.00 per bag
Freon-containing Appliances: $15.00 per item.
Doors must be removed.

All Other Acceptable Items:

Monday - Friday Rates: 0.049 cents per lb. ($95.00 per ton)

Saturday Flat Fee Rates:
Cars: $25.00 per vehicle
SUV/Van/Trucks: $40.00 per vehicle
Rack Bodies/Trailers: Will be weighed and charged the same amount as during the week.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Landfill Holiday Schedule


Director of Operations: James Williams
Landfill Office: 908-453-2174
Landfill Fax: 908-453-4241

Landfill Operations

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Convenience Center

Residents utilizing the convenience center may drive up onto our scale, have their vehicle weighed in, dispose of their waste and return to the scale to be weighed out.

Pickup truck or car loads of debris brought in this manner are charged at the current disposal rate plus all applicable taxes. Payment must be in the form of cash or check upon disposal. NO CREDIT CARDS.

Residents also have the option of paying $2.00 per bag of household trash.

For the convenience of residents the Center has been expanded to include an area for the drop off of recyclable materials. There is no charge for recyclable items.

Glass bottles; aluminum, tin and bi-metal cans; and certain plastics as well as cardboard, newspaper and mixed paper will be accepted at the convenience center co-mingled.  For more information about the new recycling program click here...


Items Not Permitted or Accepted

Hazardous Materials
(asbestos, pesticides, caustic cleaners, oil-base paints, paint thinner, oxidizers i.e. pool chemicals, fluorescent tubes, mercury, antifreeze, gasoline, etc.)

Liquid Wastes; Yard Waste; Motor Oil; Truck/Auto Parts; Auto Batteries; Explosives; Radioactive Waste; Sewer Sludge & Septage

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